Week of St. Patty's Celebration!

Click on 'Specials' for Details of our week of St. Patty's Celebration with Irish Food Specials, Step Dancers, Live Music and Prizes and Giveaways! Open at Noon for St. Patty's Day, March 17th and on Thur, March 18th at Noon for NCAA Tourney!

Liberty Union

The American Dream

“Living the ‘American Dream’ is a philosophy and way of life for many people. A goal is set, hard work and determination are executed and the goal is achieved with success. I started in the restaurant business in 1990 during my last year in college at a popular bar near campus. I quickly moved up the ladder from bouncer to bartender to assistant manager all while pursuing a degree in business. The owner bought another establishment in 1997 and I became general manager for the next 14 years. I still bartended a couple shifts to stay connected with patrons and keep up with trends, all while saving the extra money to invest in my own place. As a result of hard work, determination and patience, I am finally living my American Dream.”

Steven Schwenk
Owner, Liberty Union Bar & Grill
State of the Union

Liberty Union Bar & Grill